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About Aixem Software

Aixem Software, a custom software development company, will help you develop and deliver enterprise applications to meet your business needs in a timely manner. Our consultants are senior level software architects and developers who have extensive experience in developing mission-critical enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies. They will help you gather requirements, write use cases, architect, design, code, test and realize your most critical applications. As always, our philosophy is to work alongside your team and to empower them by transferring our skills and expertise and making them fully capable of maintaining and enhancing these projects as required.


Web Application Development
Since 2005, Aixem Software has focused entirely on custom software development. Having refined our approach and methodology over the years, we not only know our clients need to be part of the entire process, we know what it takes to deliver on time and on budget every time.
Custom Software Development
Web applications are the ideal architecture for nearly any enterprise, mid-level, small business or non-profit entity. Being able to access a web application anytime anywhere via any device with an internet browser, without software needing to be installed or updated or compatibility tested, is the reason web application development is our most popular and sought after solutions.
Microsoft .NET Development
Microsoft .NET development accounts for nearly 80% of the software solutions we develop today. Not only is .NET a requirement specified by many of our enterprise level clients, it is a powerful development environment we can leverage for nearly any solution.